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Boost Revenue

Add air monitoring and purification products
and services to your offering


Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Offer your customers the opportunity to know their air quality instantly and take proactive measures for a healthier environment.

Effortless Purification Solutions

Our advanced purification products are designed with simplicity in mind. Keep it clean without the hassle – because simplicity is key!

Tailored For Cleaning Companies

ThinkLite Air enhances air quality, impressing clients and attracting more business. Boost your reputation and revenue with our tailored solution. 

Elevate Your Business

Add An Additional Revenue Source

Add a lucrative revenue stream to your sales pipeline. Diversify your offerings and watch your profits soar.

Say hello to a new chapter for your cleaning business with ThinkLite Air.

Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Our cutting-edge air monitoring technology and powerful air purification products position your cleaning business as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Differentiate your business and give your clients the confidence they are receiving the highest level of service.

Drive More Service Calls

With our on-demand air quality data, we can alert your customers to when they need to clean their air, creating a demand-driven service model.

Drive more service calls and build long-term customer loyalty.

With ThinkLite Air, you’re not only meeting your client’s expectations, but exceeding them.

Combat Airborne Threats

Did you know?

80% of illnesses result from airborne viruses or bacteria.

We help your customer tackle the root cause, ensuring a healthier and safer environment through you.

Expand your coverage beyond surfaces and hands, which form the remaining 20%.

Our Clients


Brandon Quigley | Director of Facilities Management, Ascension HealthFlair IAQ
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"ThinkLite allows us to mitigate infectious spread of disease. This, in our view, saves lives and allows us to reduce infectious spread of disease. We can now be in the offense with HAI rather than simply responding when it is too late.”
Community College of BaltimorePurilux
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“Nothing outweighed the benefits of adding ThinkLite’ Purilux technology to our buildings. We vetted several other options, and we found the Purilux to be the most effective, seamless, and scalable product for our campus. It truly helps keep our school operating at top capacity.”
Kurt Reichold | VP of Sales and Business Development at Clean Beyond DenverICON M
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“We consider ourselves experts in the world of cleaning services, and the Icon Air Healer has enabled us to provide clean, safe air to our clients in any environment.”

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