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iCleanse Lead Registration for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

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iCleanse Lead Registration Form

Please use this form to register new leads for iCleanse. The top half of the form is for capturing your identity. We will use your identity for assigning ownership of the lead information captured in the second half of the form.

If you are attempting to claim ownership of an existing lead or re-register a lead which has expired, please contact Zachory Reid at

Newly registered leads will remain in your name for 90 days. If we have not received any updates on the registered lead in this timeframe it will enter a review process. During this review process, we will reach out with a few questions to determine if the lead is eligible for re-registration for another 90 days.

ThinkLite Air purification medical clean air

ThinkLite takes data privacy seriously. The information submitted in this form will not be shared with any parties, internally or externally, who are not relevant to keeping this account protected for you and for iCleanse.